We're never finished. 

Allison Sabrie Dozet is an interdisciplinary artist who immerses herself in everything and anything she can get her hands on. Classically trained in a variety of fine art mediums, she has garnered an additional 8 years of professional experience in graphic design and digital photography. Brainstorming and creative problem-solving are personal friends of hers; no medium is off limits, and no project is impossible.

Allison spends her free time trying to beat box while wrangling sheets of cardboard in the corner of her Los Angeles studio apartment. She is quite fond of gingers. In her brightest moments, she believes in the potential of every individual to access their greatest good. She is currently searching for her own.

Recently Worked With: 

Planet Art // Production Artist

Balance Studios // Art Instructor

Mark Making // Film Program Coordinator

ScoutLands // Graphic Designer