• Melon Garden Intro (Demo) 2022 00:00

Allison sabrie

sound & expression gardener: earth/us-centric composition, performance, & generative space-holding through audial/visual collage, vocalization, poetics & prose.

Current community exhibits:

Honeybee Sanctuary (EP)


“for dancing in the garden beds”

EP release 2.22.22



“The Bees Made Me Gay” 


original poetic expression | published 2022


Neon Door Literary Magazine


“okay bye”


audial/visual collage

2021 experimental series


reality portals


Melon Garden



full length album composition & production* exploring themes of metaconscious community idealism and reciprocal, queer, relation with all that grows



release dates: melon season 2023



*original pieces channeled & composed

while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail 2022. 6-track demo available to direct collaborators and supporters


Allison Sabrie Dozet

image by Dani DiPillo

Artist Statement:


I’m interested in human belief systems: the stories we tell ourselves to define our perceptions of reality.


How real and vibrant these stories are, though often isolated to each brave mind. When our systems are expressed and expanded through art-making, distinct channels open for connection, understanding, and healing between us and within us. Each poem or performance presents potential for regenerative experiences — a multidimensional dance between writer/words/reader and singer/song/listener.

image by Em Ambach



Allison Sabrie (they/she/it) is a record-keeper of perceived reality prioritizing metaconscious exploration and queer intimacy with the earth as home/self/us.

They enjoy very long walks — this year, hiking 2,000 miles on the Pacific Crest Trail, a connected footpath between US borders. Post-trail, after completing an immersive artist residency on the Olympic Peninsula, she has sought place-based connection on S’Klallam land (Port Townsend, WA), prioritizing space/time to complete a full-length electronic dance album and continue writing it’s metaphysical memoir.


*updated December 2022

site details & full portfolio in progress.


please e-mail contact@allisonsabrie.com with collaboration or commission curiosities 

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