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Allison sabrie + The Earth/uS

expression gardener: connection centric composition, performance, & generative space-cultivation through audial/visual collage, vocalization, poetics & prose

available for: commission, collaboration, & creative direction at sliding-scale/community rates

current offerings

present offerings


Featuring foraged/grown and scanned earth compositions and “The Earth/Us Journ”, a mini newsprint anthology < mailed goods are offered at accessible exchange tiers. Memberships create a rhythmic physical/experiential channel of communication and care between us: goods are sent out monthly and include high-quality prints, queer/existential love notes, and bits of foraged earth (dried petals, moss, and perhaps tiny pebbles. 


For dancing in the garden beds.


Filled with a sweet abundance of synth and bee buzz, Sabrie’s debut self-produced EP offers feelings-centric vocalization and danceable, grounding beats sprinkled with loved ones cheering at the sun, grass pats, and voice memo affirmations.

Released 2.22.22

Streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and more

The Bees Made Me Gay

Poetic expression channeled in 2020, clarifying identity through connection to ecosystem. First publication through interactive online platform: Neon Door Literary Magazine, 2022. 


“The bees told me I was gay.

I guess it’s a little more complicated.

Or maybe it’s just that simple.”

future/past offerings

future/past offerings

Touching Bees

On Queer Connection & Belonging

Practical and magical wisdom sharing from a human who loves honeybees. Touching Bees is a collection of short essays, poems, notes, and journal offerings centering intimacy with the earth/us. 



release dates: spring or summer 2024


Album composition & production exploring themes of metaconscious community idealism and reciprocal, queer, relation with all that grows.



release dates: melon season 2024

6-track demo available to direct collaborators and supporters


Experimental audial/visual collage series combining field-sampled soundtracks with experiential physicality creating windows of uniquely interconnected reality space.


Created on an iphone 8 – 2021



Photo by Em Ambach 


Allison Sabrie [Dozet] is a record-keeper of perceived reality prioritizing metaconscious exploration and queer intimacy with the earth as home/self/us.

They/she/it are currently meaning-making on finding home and community while dwelling and farming on unceded native land in the PNW.

Artist Statement

I’m interested in human belief systems: the stories we tell ourselves to define our perceptions of reality. 


How real and vibrant these stories are, though often isolated to each brave mind. When our systems are expressed and expanded through art-making, distinct channels open for connection, understanding, and healing between us and within us. Each poem or performance presents potential for regenerative experiences – a multidimensional dance between writer/words/reader and singer/song/listener. 

Photo by Dani Dipillo



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