Allison Sabrie makes art for humans. Generating therapeutic words, ink-brushed silhouettes, and blatant boob doodles on the regular for her brain, and yours. Exchanging perfectionist expectation for minimalist freedom and explorative response, her pieces restore the goodness of your humanity, one little confetti mark at a time.

Alli might be spotted hauling scraps of cardboard and old picture frames down the streets of Hollywood. She is constantly singing and never stops learning how little she knows. She is available for custom commissions, Los Angeles murals, and collaboration opportunities.

Listen to her sing: sabriemusic.com

Artist Statement

I was given extensive opportunity to play as a child. The side of a home was an open canvas for a mud masterpiece; my naked body was free of shame as I built sandbox worlds to dwell in. As a child, I created without fear, with an urgency for exploration, and a deep satisfaction over any production on a new surface.

As an adult, not willing to continue straining for perfect shading techniques and memorizing hex codes, I choose to return to that state of play.

My work claims demi-animated shapes and lines filled with energy and emotion and I am slowly forgetting what mistakes are. Every cardboard box has potential and damn, it’s satisfying to scribble. I now produce upon a foundation that elevates imagination and inhibition as the focal point for art making. I must express goodness and integrity in the world. I must explore and reach. I must make a mess. We must play. 

Feb 25th, 2019 – Conversations with the Inspiring Allison Sabrie Dozet | Interview | Voyage LA

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