My mantra: Accentuate, sharpen, embolden, emphasize, craft, nurture, perfect.



○ Killer Color Correction

○ Custom Style Match & Preset Development

○ Detailed Cropping & Straightening

○ Retouching & Blemish Removal

○ Duplicated B&W Selects

○ Stellar Turnaround Times

○ Authentic Human-Centric Finishing

○ Accessible & Positive Communication

○ Dependable Collaboration



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I'm Alli! West Coast raised, I learned my manners in the middle of the US and am currently the nicest human in Los Angeles. I'm an interdisciplinary artist, at my happiest when immersed in a challenging project. I've been working in photography and image editing since the age of 14. Trust me, those dual overlay, burnt-edged, Gaussian-blur-saturated masterpieces are still a sight to behold.

I originally learned Adobe Photoshop from a paper manual and Lightroom has been my best friend since 2010. With these tools in my creative belt, I've worked as an in-house photo finisher for an upland hunting publication, ensured many a bride shines in her getting-ready portraits, and shared my love for the editing process with inner-city teens in my community. My strangest adventure to date was editing and proofing thousands of Christmas card photos from all over the country. Just call me the editing elf. 

The highlight of my editing career is happening right now. I love working in personal partnerships, contributing directly to the success of another creative. I'm a whip-fast editor and communicator. The editing process is dear to my creative and operations-loving brain as every catalog presents new beauty to embellish and obstacles to overcome. As a partner, my enthusiasm for your work is a focal point. With a background in wedding & portrait photography, I understand the importance of style cohesion and client satisfaction. I am dedicated to ensuring we achieve golden results with every edit.

In my time away from the screen, you'll find me at the bouldering gym, spilling ink all over my wood floors, volunteering in arts education, or hiking through the Angeles forest with my ginger husband and equally ginger dog. 

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Style cohesion and consistency are my number one goals for your albums. Partnership includes customized preset development to ensure your style can be replicated in distinct lighting and environments. Already have your presets on lock? Send your favorite bundles my way. 


Original Photograph

 Original photograph

My Go-To Edit

 My go-to style

But What's Your Go-To?

 What's your style? What's your go-to?

No style is off limits, and there is always flexibility in your final results. 

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From knowing when to say no to too much film grain to getting down and dirty removing a trash can from a first dance shot: I'm ready to get to work. 


Things I don't do as an editor: Make women skinnier (it's 2018 - that's a hard no), over-process the low lights, give-up on an image, miss a deadline, or ignore your feedback.

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○ Teach Me About You & Your Needs

○ Tell Me More About Your Style

○ Set Deadlines

○ Gain back more free time for the things you love! 




A standard (pre-culled) edit includes color light correction, cropping, straightening, minor retouching (desaturating or removing distracting portions of the image, minor blemish removal, etc.), duplicated B&W images on select edits, and final finishing:

  • 300-600 images: $300
  • 600-800 images: $400
  • 800-1,000 images: $500

1k+ catalogs require custom project pricing. When submitting your photographs, please explain any beyond-standard editing needs: intensive retouching, culling (pricing packages available), or composite images. 


*Special thanks to Hannah Rose Gray Photography, Four Tiny Ghosts, Ben Daron and each of my own beautiful couples for the gorgeous imagery and partnership