You are here because you've volunteered your bad ass self to sing or yell on a new track in the works for Sabrie. You might also be here because you're a friend of mine (and I already had your e-mail address) or you've been volunteered by another bad ass female. Whatever the nudge was, you are here now, and we are all here together. 

Let's yell a little bit. 


I'm currently working on two sister tracks to release as a lovely little unit. These sisters will be a duo dripping with feminist themes and repeatable mantras for 2018. Both tracks are pro-female, pro-connection, and pro-human. One sister track  (Working title: "Woman" "Find A Lover Who Is Nice" or "Cutting Board") is begging for female voices in unison. This is a chant, a march, a hum of decisiveness and strength. There is a bit of a witchy vibe to it, one begging our bodies to move with power. 

A peak at the lyrics: 

We were waiting for the kill (and by this I clearly mean the slaughter of patriarchy, which we are all still working on) 

We weren't married to the marching

(So) Save a neighbor who is willing

and find a lover who is nice

It's you. It's me. 


In an ideal world you all have studio setups, but we're going to make this work regardless because y'all are spread out and if there's anything technology should be used for -  it's bringing voices together in good unison. Get with the following accordingly: 

  • Grab your apple earbuds (the ones with the built in little microphone) I know I know, outrageous. But this will give us a more isolated sound than your actual phone mic. If you don't have those specific earbuds feel free to do the phone thing. Just keep your distance lady. And please don't do this: 
  • Choose a closet or a quiet space, turn off your AC, and make sure your pup isn't barking in the background. Turn your voice toward a pile of clothing, a towel, anything to absorb that beautiful yelling that's about to happen. 

I mean look how pleased that closet is to have me yell at it. 

  • Open up your Voice Memo App: Record your snippets. If you are recording multiple samples, please submit as individual recordings (A, B or C) but feel free to repeat each pattern on the same recording. 

Make sure your recordings don't peak out, this will be hard for the yelling ladies, BUT just hold that mic out a bit further (perhaps take the earbud out) and get to work. (Below examples of bad recordings next to decent ones. You be the judge. I'll give you a hint, those long lines are not the best.) 



A) Chant Vocal

I wouldn't call it pretty, maybe I'd call it solid, smooth, or ready. Try the chant. Willing to match a harmony? Yes please. Also, if you can hit that 2nd one, fucking please do so, because my range wasn't ready for it. Don't worry about the perfection of your voice. Sing it friend. I am dying for some variation in this and need your voice. 

Girl, you're going to sound GOOD

Have another Harmony for me? Label it with Harmony 3.

B) Woop/Holler/Yell/Scream/Growl/Etc. 

This is your moment to tell me something. It's 2018, things are changing for women, other things still need lots of work. Tell me about it. Yell about it. Scream if you'd like to. (Just hold that mic out and make sure your neighbors don't call the cops). Laugh. Growl. Orgasm. Rage. Tell 'em. DO NOT copy the examples please. Make them more. Make them stronger. Make them better. I need you. 


Time to send them my way! Please make sure you TITLE YOUR FILES with your first name and section recorded. For Example: Allison_A_2 or Jordan_B

Final Step: Attach your file(s) and send a reply e-mail to contact@allisonsabrie.com


Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your strong voice with me and the earth! All submissions are not guaranteed to be used in the final track (dependent on a few factors that I don't want you to focus on right now - have fun!) but my goal is to ultimately integrate all of you, whether as a chorus, a beat, or a bit of a scream somewhere in the middle. Thank you for being a great human and please share with other lovely females!